Musical Theater

Click SEARCH to search by any of the available parameters. Search by Composer (last name, first name), Lyricist (last name, first name), Show, Selection Title, Role, Gender, Voice Type, or Scene Type.
To search by gender, type F for each female and M for each male. You may enter parameters such as FF, MM, FM, FMM, FFMFFMM, FFFMMM, etc. in the voice type category. For scenes with both females and males, list female(s) first.

To search by voice type, type S for each soprano, A for each alto (includes belting roles), T for each tenor, and B for each baritone, bass-baritone, or bass. Many male roles have been classified as Bt for Bari-tenor.

Scene types include the following: Solo, Solo with ensemble, Duet, Trio, Quartet, Ensemble, Male Ensemble, Female Ensemble, and Ensemble with solos.

COMING SOON! Users will eventually be able to search for selections by style (legit, contemporary, up-tempo, ballade, etc). Please check back soon for this added feature.

For information on how you can help fill in missing or unconfirmed information, please visit the CONTRIBUTE page.

Click ADD to add any scene you know of that's not in the database. Only complete entries may be submitted.

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